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Library Policies


 Shannon Blair-Brooks and Tammy Williams, Librarians
Lea Ann Keck, Assistant Librarian
 Library Hours:  7:15 A.M. – 3:30 P.M.
 General Rules
  1. Do not bring food or open drinks into the library.  Water/ice is okay if kept away from computers.
  2. Be quiet and considerate of others.
  3. Do not damage or steal materials.
  4. Return materials on time.
  5. Follow all school rules.
 Library Access Procedures
  1. Individuals or small groups may come to the library for long-term use
    1. before or after school and between classes without library passes.
    2. during class with a library pass.
    3. during lunch with permission from the librarians or with a library pass.
  2. Classes or small groups will come when teachers schedule time.
  3. The library may be closed temporarily for testing or to lunch students whenever a large class is working.
  4. Students who have had scheduled access to the library for an assignment and do not work during this time, do not have to be given access to the library at other times to work on the same project.
 Circulation Procedures
  1. Bring all materials to be checked out to the front desk.  Tell the librarian your name.
  2. Students check out books for 2-week periods.
  3. Reference books, magazines, vertical file items, and non print items are used in the library or classroom and are not checked out to students without special permission.
  4. Return materials on time to a librarian or to the circulation desk's book return slot.
  5. The person who checked out the item will be responsible for paying for loss or damage.
 Overdue Procedures
  1. Fines--no fines for books
  2. Lost or damaged materials - cost of replacement (This can include price of book, shipping, and processing.)
  3. Overdue items--Librarians provide 1st period teachers with periodic overdue lists.
    1. Students cannot check out other items until overdue items are returned.
    2. Students may have grades withheld until overdue items are returned.
  4. Renewals – at discretion of librarian
 Copy Machine Use and Printing
  • Coin-operated machines and black laser prints are available at 10 cents per page.
  • Color laser prints up to 25 cents per page.
  1. It is a county policy that students may not use library computers to access email.
    The only exceptions are foreign students, ESL students, SPED students, college applications, school teacher assignments.
  2. Internet and online services are available to students on 11 computers.  Whenever a class first comes to the library, the same computers have the automated card catalog, and the computers will be used for this purpose first.  Students must have an Internet agreement form signed by the student and parent on file in the library before using the Internet.
  3. Three separate computers are always available for word processing (first come, first served…). Students may also bring disks from home to use on these computers.
  4. It is a county policy that students may not bring disks from home to use on main library computers.  The library has disks students may borrow or buy ($1.00) to use on these computers.
  5. Students who do not follow rules with the computers may lose their user privileges and will be responsible for any damage done to the computers.
Library Supply Store
            The library supply store is open before school, after school, during lunch (unless a class is working in the library), and during class time if a teacher arranges time.  The supply store has spirit items (Seymour High School t-shirts, caps, sweatshirts, etc.), pencils, pens, poster board, paper, index cards and other items needed for research and class projects.
 Discipline Policies
  • School policies will be followed.
  • Administrative referrals will be made for some offenses, including theft.
  • Computer offenses - Any student breaking the Internet Agreement will be denied access to the Internet, may lose other computer privileges, and must pay cost of repair.