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Library Needs

Friends of the Library

This list represents high-priority item requests that fit our criteria for a need as defined below. Though all donations of books and other materials are welcomed, to support us as a Friend of the Library, we ask that you select items from this list. Thank you for being our Friend!

What Is a Need?

  • Materials that support the curriculum
  • Material that is out of print and cannot be ordered directly or is not available with current vendors
  • Equipment that supports or enhances use of resources
  • Equipment needed for updated technology

Books and Periodicals
New Release Fiction and Nonfiction
·  Graphic novels
·  Current books on biomes (tropical, rain forest, desert, savannahs, etc.)
Current books on diseases and other health topics
·  Books on the Bell Witch of Tennessee 
·  A current book on punk rock
Magazine subscriptions


·  Classic and Award-Winning Movie DVD’s (no R-rated, please)
Books on CD

·  The library is in desperate need of computers. We have less than the required amount per student, and many of the computers are old and in disrepair. 

· Gift cards (Staples, Office Max, Books-a-Million, McKays, etc.)
Cleaning Supplies: Clorox wipes, paper towels, tissue, etc.
Construction paper, scissors, glue sticks
Legal size envelopes
Calculators (TI-30XA)

 (please call librarian for more information)
·  Book shelves
Magazine racks