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Some Key Points to remember about attendance:

1) Each student is allowed 5 Parent Notes per Semester.

2) Each student should bring in notes and give them to their first block teacher to turn in to the office. If you come in late, turn the note in to the front office when you sign in.

3) Each student, if coming in after the bell, must report to the office and sign in. This will prevent the student from being marked absent the entire day.

4) Students should always remember to get a note from their physician/dentist or other medical professional as this will excuse their absence.

5) IF any questions should arise about any attendance situation, call the school and ask for any administrator.


   Students in the Sevier County School System are prohibited from having cell phones turned on or visible during the school day. Cell Phones that are used during the school day disrupt or interfere with the stated purpose of the school.  School faculty members are to confiscate the cell phone of any student violating this policy and turn the phone into the office. The phone will be kept in the office until the end of the day when a parent or guardian may pick up the phone. The Sevier County School System will not accept responsibility for student cell phones that are lost or stolen. Students who violate the cell phone policy are subject to the following consequences: 
First Violation             Detention; Campus Clean-Up (5 Hours); In School Suspension (1 day); Other consequence at principal’s discretion.  
Second Violation        Detention; Campus Clean-Up (5 hours); In School Suspension; Out of School Suspension (1 day); Parent Conference; Other consequences at principal’s discretion. 
Third ViolationOut of school Suspension; Alternative School Placement (3-5 days); Other consequences at principal’s discretion.